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Battery Operation of CPAP Devices for Sleep Apnea Treatment, Part 2: A battery backup system for use with CPAP treatment

A battery backup system for use with CPAP treatment Overview Your CPAP needs a source of electrical power. This can be the household mains, a generator, or a battery. A battery needs to be recharged after use and to maintain it in a state of full charge. This battery backup system assumes the use of 115VAC household current for recharging, although you could use a generator or even solar power. You will need a battery, inverter, hydrometer, volt meter, distilled water, fuses, connectors, and a flashlight. In addition, you may wish to build or buy a shelf storage system on wheels so you can keep the unit out of the way and bring it into or near your bedroom for use. Also, in order to keep the battery and charger away from your bed, you may wish to use a heavy duty (to avoid power loss) extension cord from the power system to your CPAP. Do NOT attempt to run a heated humidifier from an inverter or battery backup system.Warning against using heated humidifier Obtaining supplies and advice In looking for supplies and advice, a good place to start might be dealers and manufacturers serving boaters and/or recreational vehicle (RV) users, because boating and RV applications depend on deep cycle batteries. Another possibility is an automobile electrician. Limits of this system Due to the weight of the lead-acid battery used as a power source, this system is practical only for use in the home, in a mobile home or boat, or possibly for camping where a vehicle can be brought very close to the camp site. Because of the hazards it may not be suitable for some applications. Other battery and power technologies are too expensive for personal use. Alas, the technology is just too heavy to allow back-country hiking--unless you use a pack animal! The lightest system reported weighs in at about 10 pounds, but the majority of experience points to a package consisting of the CPAP (light ones are about 5 pounds) and a battery weighing about 20-25 pounds. Danger Limits of this newsletter NOTICE This newsletter is intended for readers who have Phantom of the Night (a handbook on sleep apnea) and thus have some background in the treatment of apnea with CPAP devices. The information in this document (comprising four separate files) may not be adequate to safely construct or install a battery backup system unless you employ the services of qualified persons. This document is intended only as a basis for communicating with and employing the services of physicians and/or professionals trained in designing, constructing, and maintaining electrical backup systems. WARNING: Unless you are an electrician with experience in battery systems, you should get the assistance and advice of a qualified person to assure that your system won't cause any safety problems or ruin your CPAP. It is most important that you confirm your information and plans with the manufacturer of your CPAP device. This document provides information only. The reader is warned that he/she is solely responsible for any use made of this information. Making, installing, and using a battery backup system can damage CPAP equipment, or may cause personal injury, fire, or explosion. Therefore, the services of a qualified electrician should be used and safe practices should be observed at all times. The Safety Warnings are part of this document and should be read together with it.
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